The Enorians Saga Book One:
A Compass in the Shadows

Current Status: Revision number who knows what number!

What it’s about:

Far in an alternate future, untested Loyalist assassin, Aurea Alivau infiltrates an enemy town to weasel information out of Rowan Darrow, the man harboring her target, but after befriending a human woman and falling for Rowan, she begins to question everything she grew up believing.

Meanwhile, half-human Rowan Darrow does his best to protect a woman prophesied to mother a savior but struggles with his legacy and mortality when his death is foretold in the stars. He finds solace with a beautiful newcomer, but her dark secret threatens everything he’s given his life to save.

The Enorians Saga Book Two:
A Thistle in the Ruins

Current Status: Second draft is off to beta readers!

What it’s about:

Enos, the god of war, has finally come to Earth over 1500 years after the enorians fled Enoralori and sealed the portal behind them. A prophecy long ago foretold the coming of a girl who would be his downfall, but no savior has come.

Vivian Darrow grew up on a secluded farm in the highlands, but the gods have bigger plans for her. In order to save her people from Enos’s destructive wrath, she must leave the only home she’s ever known and the man she’s called father–whose impulsive decisions threaten her sacred mission.

The Enorians Saga Book Three: Untitled

Current Status: This one’s still in the planning stages, but I plan to start writing it at the beginning of 2022.

What it’s about:

When he was a baby, the stars foretold Ien Darrow’s fate: to unite his people against a common enemy. When an ancient enorian creates monsters out of the dead and Withered enorians, Ien’s fate comes calling. Now he must convince the one group he never thought he would have to work with: The Londoners.

For generations, the Londoners have lived off their hatred of enorians, none more so than their leader, dubbed the Black King of England. However, when London’s defenses fall to a new kind of threat, the Black King must put aside his loathing to work with the species he’s vowed to exterminate.

Enorian Myths

I started writing myths about the enorian gods and their items during my final quarter of my master’s program as my thesis project. During the last few months of 2020 I worked on these and a variety of other things. I have 20 written at the moment, but I have ideas for plenty more. They’re important to Vivian in A Thistle in the Ruins, but I also would like to eventually publish them as supplemental material.

Other Future Projects

Books four through six of the Enorians Saga, which will be about the gods and their adventures. Still in the very early stages of planning, but since the events of four and possibly five will have an effect on the mortal world in book three, they will be planned right alongside three.

Additionally, I want to expand a short story I wrote previously into a novella. It takes place before the events of book one and is titled “Joy’s Compass.”

The Children of Oher

Current Status: First draft is done. It’s being slowly read by my lovely writing buddy, and I’ll be revising it later on in the year.

What it’s about:

When Kora Mercer gets kidnapped by the Children of Oher and is forced to marry one of their young men, all she wants to do is get out of there, but with the wall enclosing Orilon and the abominations running rampant outside, it may prove impossible. When she finds out her new husband, Asher Lindgren, is in love with his best friend and wants as little to do with all this marriage business as her, she has to decide whether to trust him in hopes they might escape their prison together.

Spirits of the Sea

Current Status: I’ve written the prologue, but other than that it’s just an idea for now that I want to expand in the future.

What it’s about:

Every year, the citizens of Senrese ride their horses down to the beach to wash the horses’ legs in the sea, but danger lurks beneath the waves. The sea spirits require a yearly sacrifice to keep the island flourishing.

When Amalia’s brother is taken by the spirits, she takes matters into her own hands and searches for a way to travel to Ijamere to get him back. 

Art of the Point of View Characters

The fabulously talented Fran Matos is working on drawings of the point of view characters from the first two Enorians books for me, which I’ll be sharing as soon as they’re completed.

In the end, I’d love to have pictures of all the point of view characters of the Enorians books, the important side characters, and all the gods.

Note: All Enorians books have been written with the help of J.J. Emery in the form of world-building and plot-planning. As we like to joke, he comes up with the cool stuff, and I add in the girly emotional stuff… And the horses. 😉