About the Author

Amber has been writing magical stories ever since her mom read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone to her as a child.

The first story she remembers writing had to do with horses (she has been a crazy horse girl since she was seven, so that’s not surprising) and was written in a little notebook while she waited in the airport between flights on her way to visit Holland. Since then her stories have lengthened and become more magical, though they still typically include horses in some capacity.

The Enorians first came into being around the end of high school when Amber created Vivian and Enrik as part of a story she and her friends wrote in notebooks between class, and she has spent the years since working on making the world and the stories within infinitely better and more rich, all with the help of her boyfriend of nearly ten years, J.J. Emery.

Born in Holland, Amber moved to the States when she was six. She now lives in Wisconsin with her wonderful boyfriend and her two loving, demanding cats. When she’s not writing, Amber enjoys reading, snuggling said demanding cats, fueling her crazy-horse-girl soul with ponies, and drinking entirely too much tea.

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