Hello World

Hi friends! Amber here. I never thought I’d be writing a blog. Fiction writing is definitely more my thing, but I like the idea of giving whoever ends up reading this some kind of update on what I’m working on and doing and just general life-things. So I’ll be doing one of these once a week or so.

Well, building a website was somehow much more difficult and time consuming than I thought it would be. It doesn’t help that I managed to somehow make a mess of things and delete the first one I made. So, that was super neat. But! Here we are. It’s done. Woohoo! Now I can focus on writing again instead of spending hours struggling.

Anyway, about me:

I’m a crazy horse girl whose love of fantasy novels stemmed from Harry Potter. Before my mom started reading the first one to me, I hated reading. Maybe that was because I struggled with the language since I’d only recently learned English, but either way, it wasn’t until HP that I found my love of books. I devoured everything I could get hands on after that point, and I haven’t stopped.

I have two adorably cuddly, attention seeking cats named Mario (pictured above) and Captain Thunderpants (pictured on the right), and I live with my amazingly supportive and creative boyfriend of nearly ten years, Josh – aka J.J. Emery – (pictured below), who has also been instrumental in expanding the world of the Enorians Saga as well as with planning the books.  

I’ve always loved writing, but to be honest, for the longest time I worried I wouldn’t like it enough to do it as a full-time thing (fingers crossed I manage to get to do that at some point in my life), which seems ridiculous now. Thanks to being stuck at home for two months due to COVID, I learned that I do, in fact, love writing enough to do it as job. In those two months I managed to finish writing book two of my Enorians Saga. I never thought I would manage to finish writing a book so quickly.

I also officially finished with my master’s program as of this week, which means I’m now a Master of Fine Arts in Writing! The plan for the rest of the year is to take it easy, since I managed to finish not only writing book two but also revising book one (for the…17th? time) as well as finding that master’s degree. I’ll be working on writing more myths and some short stories and preparing to tackle revisions and another first draft next year.

Have a beautiful day, all of you. Until next week! — Amber

I’m going to end every one of these by telling you all what I’m reading at that moment. So, what I’m reading right now:

Misborn by Brandon Sanderson

The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven by Sherman Alexie

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

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